Enagic Water Alkalizers

It is important to maintain proper balance in your body. Various foods and high levels of stress create excess acidity and hinder the metabolic cycle. Drinking water is the easiest and most important thing to do for your body. Drinking a better quality water can help restore your body’s proper balance. Ionized Water is an excellent antioxidant
A water ionizer takes normal tap water and turns it into an antioxidant with a negative charge. Thus restoring your body to a proper pH and adding vitamins A, C and E which retard the aging process.

Clean-Water + Electrolysis Separation of alkaline and acid
Electrolyzed Kangen water Mellow, with high water absorption rate, and easy to drink. Accelerates metabolism, has a cleaning effect within the body, and eliminates activated oxygen.
Acidic water Sanitizing effect, astringent effect (optimum for skin)

Strong acidic water Antiseptic effect (for disinfecting)
Strong Kangen water Powerful cleaning effect

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Enagic Leveluk SD 501
Enagic Leveluk SD 501

Enagic Leveluk-JR II

Kangen Water Part 1

Kangen Water Part 2

Kangen Water Part 3

Kangen Water Part 4

Kangen Water Part 5