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The untold truth collection reveals what you don’t know about certain diseases and teaches you how to prevent or even possibly reverse the damage they do. Discover the real story about health, popular products, prescription drugs, the foods we eat, the health challenges we face and more. The truth may set you free… but The Untold Truth about your health will help you enjoy that freedom.

CD Descriptions

Transform your Health/Transform your Shape
Estrogen Overload
America Stressed Out
Running on Empty
PH Balancing Simplified
Colon in Crisis
Whole Body Cleansing
Raising Children Naturally!
The Diabetes Epidemic
Reversing Heart Disease

Nationally-renowned holistic beauty and weight loss expert, health advocate, and author Kat James’ has been featured on the Today Show in “O” and “Vogue,” as well as nearly every major American fashion magazine. In this CD, find her own personal story of transformation, as well as her program and principles, which have been featured in “Ladies’ Home Journal,” “Self,” and The New York Times, as well as in her ground-breaking book, “The Truth About Beauty” (also sold on this site), her PBS special of the same name, and her “Total Transformation” land and cruise programs.
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Heavy or irregular periods. Hot flashes and night sweats. Breast tenderness, cysts, or fibroid tumors. Cramping, bloating, irritability, and fatigue. Millions of women suffer in silence from these conditions. Too many think the discomfort is just “part of being a woman.”
It isn’t!

It’s a warning sign of estrogen dominance, a precursor to cancer and a variety of other deadly ailments. You can stop estrogen dominance and reclaim your life, freeing yourself from the moods and cramps of your period, and the hot flashes and night sweats of menopause. Discover the roots of estrogen dominance and learn how to beat it and treat it naturally, without drugs or hormones!
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Stress—it’s the American way of life, right?

Stress is normal. It’s even healthy, because it keeps us active, motivated, and productive. But too much stress isn’t healthy or normal, even though it’s become commonplace in America. Today, we’re driven by the relentless demands of career, family, consumerism, and more. In an effort to keep up with our fast-paced lives, we’re getting stressed out and we can’t seem to control it. And our stress-related pains surpass headaches and stiff shoulders—stress is actually exposing us to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening illness. Nutrition and health play an important role in stress management that just might surprise you. Learn the Untold Truth and beat stress forever!

Unless we do something to change it, stress will also be the American way of death. Stress causes more than the occasional headache or heartburn; we now know that chronic stress is at the center of many serious diseases, including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and more. Know the warning signs of stress-related illness. Learn the important mind-body connection. And discover your options to treat stress naturally, without drugs or expensive therapies!
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Listen as Dr. Alex Duarte, on track one and Steven Horne, on track two openly discuss the challenges our bodies face with inadequate “fuel” and increased environmental toxins.

Dr. Duarte and Mr. Horne finish off by providing a number of compelling reasons why those products found within the Habit of Health 90-day Challenge are absolutely critical to vitality and wellness.
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Many herbalists and nutritionists believe that overall health may come down to two small words: Acid and Alkaline. Maintaining the proper balance in the bodys ph can positively affect all major body systems, especially the digestive, intestinal, circulatory, respiratory, and immune systems. This balance protects the oxygen affinity of hemoglobin in the blood. A ph-balanced environment maintains proper metabolic function and allows the body to function optimally.
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Nobody wants to talk about colon health, but everyone needs to know the facts:

Colon cancer will kill more than 50,000 Americans this year.
Hundreds of thousands of others will suffer from debilitating digestive disorders.
Most people ignore warning signs or think their symptoms are “normal.”
Protect yourself and others by learning and sharing the Untold Truth!
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Most people spend a lot of time keeping things clean. We bathe and we launder our clothes. But it isn’t just the outside of our bodies that must be kept clean. We need to be clean on the inside as well. Learn the Untold Truth and find out why cleansing instead of medicating can open up and clear your entire body of toxic buildup. Cleansing has never been so easy. Learn what supplements will ensure that you are getting all of the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber you need to fend off toxin assaults. Decide which body systems can benefit most from a cleanse, including the lymphatic system, intestines, liver, kidneys and/or skin. Find ways to eliminate toxins and lessen worry.
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Steven H. Horne, RH (AGG) has spent years studying natural remedies and now shares with you untold truths about children’s health—because if children represent one-third of our population and all of our future, then it is our job as parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends to ensure that they have all the tools they need to thrive.

Learn the basic principles of natural healing, why prevention really is the best medicine, how to treat illnesses at home, and when to see a doctor. Edward Milo Millet, a highly gifted herbalist, taught Steven Horne that herb therapy was as easy as A, B, C: activate, build, and cleanse. To heal any disease, you need to activate (keep the body energies going), build (get good nutrition into the system), and cleanse (help the body eliminate waste).
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More than 18 million Americans have Type II diabetes, the fastest-growing disease epidemic in our country. Even more frightening, nearly one-third of its victims don’t even know they have diabetes!
Are you one of them?

If you are, not knowing the signs, causes, and treatments could cost you your life!
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Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of Americans, affecting nearly 50% of men and nearly as many women. Many who die of sudden heart attack didn’t even know they were at risk.

For many, a fatal heart attack is the first symptom of the disease. Worse, many of the “traditional” risk factors don’t accurately predict whether you are susceptible. Educate yourself by understanding the role of nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle choices—you can dramatically fortify your health and lower disease-causing cytokine levels . . . just by making simple changes.

You don’t have to die of heart disease. Discover the real factors. Know the hidden causes. Find the real answers. Protect yourself from heart disease with the Untold Truth!
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