Premium Shampoo

Scalpure Mask

This is the by far the best shampoo I have ever used,” is the message conveyed to us over and over by customers that are using our Premium Shampoo. Our shampoo brings you softer cleansing ingredients that will gently and deeply cleanse your hair and scalp. The essential oils and extracts nourish, fortify, and balance your hair and scalp. Included among the essential oils and extracts are tea tree, peppermint, neem, fo-ti, mistletoe, rosemary, balm, and fennel fruit! When you feel the tingle of this perfect combination you will begin to understand why this shampoo is so special. If you have beautiful hair, it is going to help your hair look and stay even more beautiful. If you are experiencing thinning hair, hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, dry scalp, etc. this is also the perfect shampoo to help combat those issues because of how wonderful it is for the hair and most importantly the scalp! Because this shampoo is for all hair types, the whole family can enjoy its remarkable benefits. It is also important to note that our shampoo contains no sulfates, no parabens, and no artificial fragrance.