Premium Conditioner

Scalpure Mask

Our Premium Conditioner is blended perfectly for all hair types and it is sure to take your conditioning to another level. This conditioner is phenomenal for co-washing or conditioning. It detangles and softens the hair like nothing else making it easier to manage and oh so nice to touch! What makes the product even more special is how light it is on the hair. You will not experience youir hair being weighed down at all. The superior oils and extracts that are included provide replenishing and lasting moisture that’s just right for any season. Adding the proper amount of moisture when needed will give your hair a natural balance and a radiant shine that you will absolutely cherish! Another treat to the product is how amazing it feels as it sits on your hair and scalp. It is a refreshing and relaxing escape that will make your shower a highlight of the day! It is also important to note that this conditioner contains no parabens, no silicones, and no artificial fragrance.