Revitalize Conditioner

Stop Hair Loss in just 5 days!

Most conditioners are especially manufactured to have a negative pH which in turn produces a positive electrical charge. When that comes in contact with the negative charge that naturally exists on your hair, an electrical bond is formed that coats each hair. Eventually, that coating becomes so thick that your hair becomes weighted down and appears lifeless. At that point most of us require a clarifying, deep cleansing shampoo, to remove the build up. Unfortunately, further damage to hair and scalp are caused by the added harshness of clarifying shampoos which have an even higher concentrate of alcohol and detergents.

RevitalizeConditioner not only helps make hair softer and easier to manage, it helps overcome scalp dryness and irritation that can cause premature hair loss. When used in conjunction with Revitalize Shampoo, this marvelous conditioner helps return your hair and scalp to the condition that Nature intended. Actually works below the scalp line to help achieve a resilience and health you probably forgot was possible.

Revitalize Conditioner helps build healthier hair two ways. First, it nourishes hair and scalp with essential vitamins and minerals, and moisturizers that add luster and manageability without dulling film. Second, while other conditioners actually seek to create a negative electrical charge on scalp and hair so that the individual hairs cling together, Revitalize Conditioner is pH neutral and will never cause damaging build-up on hair or scalp. All types of hair will benefit from the wholesome, natural ingredients. For best results, use daily or weekly after shampooing with Revitalize Shampoo.