The Total Approach

This total approach is how I have helped thousands who suffer with Hair and Scalp disorders. (Nourishing and Cleansing topically and Nourishing and Cleansing internally). Each item you purchase from my store has been proven to help you in this endeavor. (Read testimonies from the About Rodney link on my web page).

The Revitalize system will stop your Hair Loss in just 5 days! The Decca system will continue promoting Hair Growth and maintain a healthy scalp with daily applications. Nutritional supplements (Nature’s Sunshine) help nourish and cleanse the body systems. The Untold Truth CD collection, is invaluable information that can reverse the trends in America’s health by teaching people untold truths about illness, diet and supplementation, all which attributes to hair loss and scalp disorders. You may use this approach to self diagnose your hair and scalp issues or call for an in-depth consultation by phone.