Laser Hair Therapy

Low Level Laser Therapy
Have you noticed hair loss in the past 6-8 years?
Does your hair appear to be thinning without evidence of fallout?
Is your hair lifeless and dull?
Are you having itchy, dry scalp?
If you are having any of these problems, we can offer you more than sympathy?

What is Laser Hair Therapy?
LLLT is an effective non surgical solution for hair loss and thinning hair.
LLLT utilizes a cold laser that doesn’t cut, burn or vaporize tissue.
The procedure has been used in Europe for over 80 years.
Laser hair therapy will make your hair look healthier and fuller, reducing the appearance of thinning hair.
There are no known side effects of laser hair therapy.
It is recommended for both men and women who are experiencing hair loss challenges.
LLT is FDA approved in the United States for cosmetic use.

Laser hair Therapy….. Creating a fuller Thicker Looking head of hair
How does it work?
Laser hair therapy uses cool soft laser to deliver light energy to the hair and scalp. This process does 3 main things.
1.Clears debris from the hair shaft.
2.Swells the cortex and closes the hair cuticle.
3.Creates skin balance necessary for normal scalp function, resulting in healthier hair that appears thicker and shinier with added manageability.

Treatment Information
A treatment program will be set up for you at the time of consultation.
Q. How long is the treatment program?
A. The treatment program is one year
Q. What will it feel like during treatment?
A. Because the laser is cool you should feel no sensation from the light.