Stem Cell Hair Research

Hair Restoration As Dallas’s premiere Hair Restoration Center, we are very excited about the new possibilities of using Stem Cells, to treat Hair Loss and Baldness.
We are presently involved in a Physician Supervised program to treat Hair Loss with the Body’s own cells. This new technology is totally safe, and FDA cleared, for soft tissue injection. There are follow up visits for Hair Counts, Growth Measurements and Photos. This procedure takes only about one hour, and hair growth typically starts around three months.


  1. Blood is drawn from the patient
  2. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Containing Stem Cells and Growth Factors are separated from the blood.
  3. The stem cells are then injected into the affected (balding) areas.
  4. A Laser is also used to agitate the skin so the stem cells can migrate into the hair follicles.


Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
Hair Restoration
12 Months Later
Elite Emage, Dallas’s premiere Hair Restoration Center is proud to partner with Doctors of The Hair and Scalp Clinic, of Clearwater, Florida to provide you with Laser Assisted Hair Transplant.
The CO2 laser provides a clean, dry surgical field, shortens procedure time, increases patients acceptance of treatment and generally allows patients to resume normal activities sooner than conventional surgery.
This technique reduces, the time required for this procedure into just minutes, allowing a reduced cost to the patient, while providing superior results.After a consultation at our center to determine if you’re a candidate, you’ll be flown to Florida, offered a one-day surgery with over night accommodations. The next morning your hair is washed and styled. You are free to return home, visit the beach or any of Florida’s other numerous attractions. Each patient is treated as an individual and should expect individual results.Cool Low Level Laser therapy is then provided by our center in Dallas to continue your progress.
Many doctors feel Low Level Laser offers a safe non-drug alternative to stop hair loss, regrow hair, and reduce healing times after surgery.For more information or to schedule an in depth consultation, visit or call 214-904-0330

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Hair Restoration

Hair is one of the features that define who you are. What if you started to lose your hair? Our premier center for hair restoration and hair replacement, offers solutions, products and most of all answers as to why you may be losing your hair.

The loss of hair could start with a few extra strands on the bathroom floor then turn into losing chunks at a time. Losing hair as a man or woman is never easy, but don’t let hair loss take control of your life.

Rodney Barnett, known throughout the country as one of the leading practitioners of Trichology (study of the disorders of hair and scalp), has helped thousands regain beautiful hair. Barnett’s method is to beginning with extensive questioning, microscopic exam and a biochemical assessment. Additionally Barnett takes into consideration the client’s diet, health, exercise and other elements of his or her lifestyle to get a thorough evaluation to find the root of the problem.

Rodney Barnett teamed with Elite Emage offers non-surgical hair replacement for hair loss sufferers. This is your chance to regain the gift of hair you were born with.

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