What is Trichology?

When Should You See A Trichologist?
Trichologist help people who have problems with hair breakage or hair loss and other problems with their hair and scalp. See a Trichologist if you have the following: Sudden excessive hair loss from the scalp, severe breakage after receiving a chemical service, a bald patch which has suddenly appeared or itching and excessive scaling from the scalp. Dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea, excessive hair loss and baldness are problems from which many people suffer and about which they would like professional advice and, where possible, treatment.
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Why You Should Not See A Dermatologist.
Many Dermatologists treat only the symptoms of (sudden) hair loss, while paying little attention to the causes which many times are produced by a chaotic, stressful and unwholesome lifestyle.
What To Expect On Your Initial Visit
The Trichologist will carefully question each hair client and examine the hair and scalp thoroughly to assess the problem and its causes. A digital microscopic analysis is preformed on your hair and scalp, while you view the results on a computer screen and a biochemical assessment (urine and saliva test) is utilized to aid in the evaluation of the problem. The Trichologist must determine if he or she can treat the problem; if not, he or she will make a referral to a doctor.
Treatment Methods
Treatment might consist of Electro Therapy and the application of topical formulations to the hair and scalp and a home maintenance. However, maximum results are almost always accomplished when poor nutritional diets and unwholesome life styles are eliminated
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Electro Therapy Video
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