Hello Mr Barnett,
I must say I was afraid of what to expect at this class. I’m glad to say that I was absolutely pleased. It was much more than I expected. I am impressed by your wealth of knowledge and passion behind the science of hair. I went back home with a new determination to do better things and techniques with my clients.

The health and wellness aspect of the class was mind blowing. I dibbled and dabbled into natural methods by reading, Back to Eden by Kloss and Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau. I’m always giving my clients recommendations but to think that I can actually be of help and to profit from it. Its is seriously a major win-win situation. Geleva and her husband, Mike were great too. Their enthusiasm for the Nature’s Sunshine products made me as equally enthusiastic.

The networking was superb and the people who attended were very open, giving and kind. I was truly happy that I made the decision to attend your class.

I decided to take your certification course in the new year so you will be hearing from me. Also, is there any way you can send a copy of the detox diet via e-mail. I would like to start immediately.

Thanks again to you and your lovely wife, Brenda.

Best Regards,
Carline Dargenson
INSTYL Haircare

November 2009

Hello Mr. Rodney, there will not be enough thanks to give you for the knowledge and passion that you transmit in your Trichology, Health and Wellness classes.

Before I came to the seminar I was decided to use the Trichology science only to treat the hair in a better way outside the skin but, after your class I saw an opportunity to go for the whole package.

I did not have the opportunity to shake your hand and say thanks in person but that is what I want to transmit with this e-mail. God bless you, your lovely wife Mrs. Brenda and all the people that make possible the success of the event.

You are opening many new venues for business in our industry and I hope to be smart enough to take advantage of them.

I will love to be working close to you to implement your Trichology, Health and Wellness system in Latin America, if you find that is the right moment to do that, please let me know it.

I think Compass is an excellent tool to work with so please, send me the procedure to make the order and also information and the price of the Hair Scope and the PH Analyzer.

I am going to get more information about the Trichology Certification and when I get ready I let you know.

I have a couple more days to spend in SC, but once I arrive home I’ll be contacting you for questions that I have and which ones are related to the seminar classes.

All the rest of the seminar organization was impeccable and the care of details were fantastic.

Thanks again and have a wonderful week end.


November 2009

Hi Brenda and Rodney!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know how much I greatly appreciated theTrichology seminar! OMG, I’m still talking about it now! I’ve been in the haircare industry for well over 18 years and out of those 18 years I’ve enhanced my continual education on several different occasions. However, I’ve never invested in a course that covered as much as yours did in such little time! I left with a wealth of information, several examples/ stories, and a sense of empowerment. I am truly ready to embark on my new journey as a Trichologist! Thank you so much for putting together such a thorough program, free of gaps with limitless information. Your passion for what you do and the knowledge you’ve obtained over the years truly have been a God send to me and the future women and men I’m now able to help.

On another note, I had to leave right after the class on the last day, but I am interested in the scope, the electric comb, scanner, and 12 month program. I’m in school right now and it’s making it difficult for me to set aside some time to call due to projects, tests, and a multitude of papers. However, I’ll contact you guys on soon about my order and certification program.

P.S. I now have the whole family saying: “It’s floating!” LOL!

Thanks for your patience,
Salon Lyon, Inc. www.salonlyon.com