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Welcome to the most comprehensive and educational format to Trichology that presently exists today.
In doing your research, you’ll find most Trichology Certification programs, are designed to teach you the science of Trichology only, either through home study course modules, online study or video tapes.
This is the only course that offers, in addition to study material, a live instructor guiding you all the way to opening and operating your own Hair Restoration Center or practicing as a Hair Loss Provider.
As a practicing Trichologist for 25 years+, I have found that students searching for a Trichology course have only considered whether they will be certified and receive a certificate at the end of a course.
“Certified doesn’t  make you Qualified”, however, and I have found many persons who have completed these courses, still lack the confidence of addressing the clients needs or opening and running a Hair Restoration Center. This is the only course that addresses both the Science and the Practice of Trichology. I own and operate a 2600 square foot Hair Restoration Center in Dallas, Texas under the supervision and partnership of a medical Dermatologist, utilizing the latest research in therapies, and considered one of the foremost authorities in the field Trichology.
I have partnership with one of the foremost authorities in the field of Health and Wellness, Steven Horne and with the addition of his eight curriculums and the certification, as part of the course, give us a course unmatched anywhere in the world.
I invite you to experience the difference. Trichology is a Science and an Art. Let’s keep it that way!

Steven Horne

Steven Horne is a professional member and recent past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and a professional member of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA). He has also served on the board of directors of both organizations. He currently serves on the board for herbs for orphans, a non-profit organization whose goal is to supply herbal remedies and nutritional supplements to orphanages in third world countries.
An herbalist, natural health teacher, author, and consultant, his work has taken him all over the United States and Canada and to several foreign countries, including Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, England and Mainland China to share this wealth of knowledge. He has spoken at Herb Fest, Whole Foods Expo, Clayton College’s annual conference, AHG’s annual symposium, and numerous conventions and conferences. He is a popular speaker and students find what he teaches is practical and easy to understand and apply.
Steven is the founder of Tree of Light Publishing, an educational organization dedicated to helping people to heal themselves on all levels by incorporating physical, mental and emotional modalities. Tree of Light offers professional courses, charts, books, videos, webinars and other educational materials on natural health care.
He has partner with Trichologist Rodney Barnett, to allow his students to be Certified in natural health care.



The Science and Practice of Trichology

In-depth seminar on the treatment and causes of hair and scalp conditions

Learn how to:

– How to identify the causes of damaged hair

– Hair root maladies

– Types of Alopecia

– Explanation of DHT

– Top reasons for hair loss

– Identifying disorders of the scalp

– Seminar Outline


Day 1

How to create a business plan

Determining financing needs

How to track your cash flow monthly

How to target your market.

Day 2

Basic chemistry

Hair shaft maladies

How to identify the causes of damaged hair

PH and it’s concepts

Successful removal of hydroxides residue from the hair shaft

Products categories and how they work

How to work with a corrective group of products

Day 3

Histology (cross sections of the scalp)

Hair root maladies

Types of Alopecia

Explanation of DHT

Top reasons for hair loss

Identifying disorders of the scalp

Utilizing Trichology equipment

Electro Therapy (high frequency and laser)

Home maintenance therapies

Day 4

Health and wellness principles

How to conduct effective consultations with new clients

Body systems and how they work

Nutrition (whole foods, vitamins, minerals etc.)

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The Health and Wellness segment

This program empowers you with an integrated, systematic and effective approach to natural healing.

You will receive 8 courses that include, course manual, Dvd’s, Cd’s, student study guide with test and homework assignments

Learn how to:

      * Activate a person’s capacity for self-healing

* Build good health by helping people improve their nutritional intake

* Cleanse the body to remove heavy metals and other environmental toxins

* Identify the six biological terrain imbalances and the type of direct aids that will restore balance

* Secrets of Chinese Herbs

A Certification in Health and Wellness is given at the completion of this segment

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Hands on Segment

This final segment brings the student face to face with the client to help them build confidence upon returning to their own centers. This segment will be conducted twice a year and the student will learn:

Front Desk Profitability Training
The Front Desk Profitability Training course will walk you through clear systems to help you increase the profitability of your front desk.

This course is taught by a consulting firm, whose mission is committed to empowering Salon professionals with business systems and proven methods that contribute to better business practices. They empower Salon professionals with straightforward and comprehensive business solutions that results in financial and personal success. The course is not just listening to a lecture all day but hands on workshops.

Consultation and Retailing

The student will conduct consultations under our supervision and guidance with the public using our 12 step systematic approach that has proven to be successful for 25 years. The student will learn how the client is transformed into a client henceforth.

Utilizing Trichology products, tools and equipment

Students will be working live in a hair restoration center with the public, understanding the day to day practice of applying formulas, operating tools and equipment and learning how to build a customer base that will generate you six fiqures.

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Total course fee: $5500.00 May be made in installments All major credit cards and Paypal accepted.