Business Development Management

For every day that a salon celebrates its opening…Ten more are closing.

Under capitalization and poor management has been identified as the leading reasons. Businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. If they were properly capitalized from the beginning, and had someone managing their business properly, the odds of them failing would have been reduced significantly.

Innovations Today, will work in your behalf as a Business Development Manager.

This service is a must, even if you have an Accountant, CPA, or Bookkeeper.
While they may keep accurate records for you, they don’t know what your business potential is and how you can achieve it like someone already running a Hair Restoration Center like Innovations Today.

Our services includes, up to one hour of consulting in the following:

1. How to financially work within the Hair Restoration Center Structure
(the foundation)
2. Preparing a 5 year Revenue Projection.
3. How to read a Profit and Loss statement, which is paramount for success.
4. Tracking cash flow for your business for 12 months, January thru December,
(the secret why most businesses fail).
5. How to fund your business with creditors, to have adequate capitalization.
6. How to determine what areas in your business may need business coaching.
7. A review of an 80 point marketing checklist, to determine where the business
should spend advertising dollars.
8. To learn the importance of why it’s not how much you gross, but net after taxes.

Innovations Today can provide all of these services for your business for a small consulting fee of “$50.00” a month.

That’s a small fee to pay a company who understands your business throughout, because I created the structure and using it monthly with my own Hair Restoration Center. Can any CPA, Accountant or Bookkeeper make that claim?

Together, we will develop a vision for the coming year; establish the goals that will get you there, and discover the new empowered you that will change your business from a dream to a reality.

Run your business by design, not default. Make this year, your best year yet.

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