About Rodney

Well-known throughout the country as one of the leading practitioners of Trichology, Rodney Barnett has helped thousands of clients to regain beautiful, lustrous hair. More than that, with his well-attended seminars, he has taught hundreds of licensed cosmetologists to do the same.
Holding a Bachelor of Science degree from the International Institute of Trichology, Huntsville, AL, and a certification from the National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals Warsaw, IN, Barnett is a respected expert in the field who has appeared on national television and been quoted extensively in magazines and newspapers throughout the country.
Barnett’s method is individual and thorough, beginning with extensive questioning, a microscopic exam and a biochemical assessment. Most importantly, Barnett brings into the equation, the client’s diet, exercise and other elements of his or her lifestyle. “All aspects must be considered.” he says “People sometimes want a quick fix, thinking a topical application of a product will solve the problem. If they don’t consider all the possible causes, and address them, they won’t get to the root, so to speak of the disorder, and even if it is eliminated in the short term, it can easily return.”
Available to the press, media and appropriate companies as a spokesperson, Barnett has forged business relationships with medical and naturopathic doctors, dermatologist, nutritionists, herbalist and cosmetologists. He works with them to determine and provide the best solutions for each individual’s case, and to verify that he stays current with the latest research and treatments.
Barnett has been interviewed on ABC’s “Good Morning, Texas”, CBS’s “Positively Texas”, Fox’s “Insight”, and UPN “City Magazine” among many news programs. He has been quoted in articles in Essence, Star and Heart & Soul among other magazines, and has written for several Texas newspapers. Seminars have been recently held throughout the U.S. and the West Indies.